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About Us

Who we are

At Emayani, we believe that African women are future leaders of the business world. We provide support and training to empower African women to grow their businesses, support their families and strengthen their communities.

Emayani Foundation was founded in 2017 by Amina Souleiman, a UK-based female empowerment activist and entrepreneur, and is managed by a committee. We currently work with groups across Tanzania.


Our vision is a society where African women are financially independent business leaders.


Our mission is to support African women to grow their businesses by providing practical advice and training.


  • To help African women to develop business and leadership skills.

  • To work with partners to deliver tailored support.

  • To create a network of women empowering other women.

  • To develop a marketplace for products and services owned by African women.

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Amina Souleiman.jpg




Amina is a passionate human rights activist, and advocate for the rights of women and girls, who lives in Sheffield, UK. She has 21 years’ experience working with women and young people and has developed and managed projects in the UK, Somalia and Tanzania. She has authored and co-authored six books that compile the real-life stories and first-person accounts of refugee women in the UK and rural herdswomen in Somalia.

Fatima Ramadhani Mbogo 2.jpg

Fatima Ramadhani Mbogo 


Fatima grew up in the Tanga region and is Sambaa by tribe. Given her childhood interest in wildlife, Fatima decided to become a tour guide. Completing a Wildlife Management course has helped to expand her passion for the living environment. She has passed her driving test and hopes to continue working as a guide, encouraging other women to be tour guides as well. Fatima is a gifted mountaineer and has climbed both Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Silvia Mwanga.JPG

Silvia Cathbeth


Silvia is a resident of Tanzania, currently living in Arusha. She is a private practicing Advocate by profession and has volunteered with Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA) for the last 2 years, providing legal aid and assistance to women and children. She also mentors different stakeholders on legal matters regarding GBV (Gender-Based Violence) and provides training for women and communities on women's land and property rights. 

Christina Paul Matem.jpeg

Christina Paul


Christina is originally from Moshi. She has strong entrepreneurial and business skills which she has been using to empower herself and her family. She is knowledgeable in secretarial work and training as well as leadership and people management. She is currently working with Emayani Foundation because she believes that she can help to improve society at large by empowering its women.

Ekael Michael Palangyo.jpeg

Ekael Michael

 Vice Chair

Ekael was born in Tengeru, Arusha. She completed her primary education at Naura, her secondary education at Arusha Secondary School and was awarded an advanced certificate at St. Joseph Ngarenaro Secondary school. She acquired her first degree in Law at Tumaini University and later, pursued her postgraduate diploma in Legal Practice at the Law School of Tanzania. She currently works as a volunteer at Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA).

Glorytriza Deogracious.jpg

Glorytriza Deogracious

Vice Secretary

Gloria is a 25-year-old with a bachelor’s degree in Law and who is currently doing her MBA. She has worked with a women’s lawyer forum and completed human rights training. She is working with women to empower them, teaching them their rights. She wants to continue working with the foundation to help other women so they can do better work for themselves and for their families.

Nancy Raymond Towo 2.jpg

Nancy Raymond

Vice Treasurer

Nancy grew up in the Kilimanjaro region. After finishing school, she decided to become a tour guide to
gain and share knowledge about wildlife. Her fascination with animals continued to grow as she developed skills in drawing. She has passed her driving test and has received a qualification in Tourism and Wildlife Management.

Irene Joshua Ndossy.JPG

Irene Joshua


Irene is an Advocate Notary Public Commissioner for Oaths. She went to St. Mary’s in Mazinde Juu. She has a degree in LLB law, a Master of Science and works in Arusha at the District Commissioner’s Office as a Division Officer.

Mr Emmanuel Mrimi.jpg



Emmanuel is a hardworking accountant with 21 years' experience working with corporate companies, NGOs and grassroots-level organisations. His knowledge in financial management, accounting and accounting policy has enabled him to provide crucial advice and support to a wide range of organisations over time.




Lucia is a student at college in the South of England. She provides assistance across a range of activities including the creation of graphics, writing reports and helping to generate ideas. Specifically, she is the Coordinator of The Hekima Cycle, a project that aims to provide schoolgirls with bikes so they can ride to school. She is passionate about working with women to empower and support them.

Julliet Ally Selemani 2.JPG



Julieth is a director at Sheba Tours. She was born in Mwanga, in the Kilimanjaro region. She studied at Kisangara primary school and acquired her secondary education at Mwanga secondary school. She was later awarded certificate hotelier at VETA.

Lightness Mollel.jpeg

Lightness Tayay


Lightness was born in Mswakini, Monduli district and completed her primary education there. She went to secondary school at Manyara secondary school and was later awarded a hotel management certificate at St. Francis College. She currently works as a hotelier at Sheba Lodge.

Roda Laizer.jpg



Rhoda was born in Nairobi and studied at Gethega primary school. She previously worked as a supervisor at Serengeti Fresh in Sakinabut and currently works as a housekeeper at Sheba Lodge.

Fabiola (2)(3).JPG

Fabiola Paul


Fabiola is originally from Moshi. She completed her secondary education at Kisomachi high school and has acquired certificates in tour operation, front office management, travel agency and basic computer skills at Data Sky College. She currently works as a waitress at Sheba Lodge.

Christina Sumaye.jpeg



Christina lives in Arusha. She completed her primary education at Ngaramtoni primary school and was also awarded a certificate in secondary education at Kimnyaki secondary school. She has worked as a secretary at Africa Joy Tours and later worked at Tanzania on Foot tour company in the marketing department. Presently, she is an entrepreneur and makeup artist.

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