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Who we work with

Emayani works with a growing number of talented female entrepreneurs and business owners to put their products and services in the path of wider audiences.


Emayani businesses include jewellery and agricultural products and traditional music, natural healing & wellness and catering services.


Monduli Beadwork Collective

The Monduli Beadwork Collective is a large group of female beadwork artists in the Monduli district of Tanzania. These women are skilled in the art of beadwork, producing a range of jewellery and fashion products. Emayani is working with them to develop their products and bring them to an international market. 


Karatu Farming

The Karatu Farming Group is a small group of female farmers based in the Karatu district of Tanzania. These women sell a range of produce locally including milk and cheese. Emayani is working with Karatu Farming Group to deliver business training to its members and provide tools to help them grow in scale.

Emayani Honey.jpg

Sweet Nature

Emayani works with Sweet Nature Honey, a group of female beekeepers based in Tanzania. These women cultivate honey using traditional methods. Emayani is working with them to package and market their product and, ultimately, bring it to an international market.

Featured Business

Feel Well

Feel Well Healing is a business based in Tanzania. The women of Feel Well Healing provide traditional remedies, massage and other services for healing and wellness. Emayani is working with Feel Well Healing to provide spaces for their activities and help promote what they do.

Mama Pare 3.JPG

Mama Pare

Mama Pare runs a small farm in Lake Manyara forest where she grows a range of organic ingredients for her popular restaurant serving hungry travellers. Emayani is working with Mama Pare to provide a social media presence and reach more potential customers.

Dance 2.jpg

Ikoma Ghayenya

Ikoma Ghayenya Group are a group of singers, dancers and musicains based in Tanzania. These women provide traditional music performances for events and also sell recordings. Emayani is working with Ikoma Ghayenya Group to promote their music and help them to increase bookings.

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Chabuma Saccoss are a group of grape farmers based in the Dodoma Region of Tanzania. The group are skilled farmers producing quality grape varieties. Emayani is working with the group to expand their product range to grape juices for international sale.

The Hekima Cycle-Small.jpg

The Hekima

The Hekima Cycle is an initiative aimed at providing Tanzanian girls with bikes so that they can travel the long distances to school and not miss out on valuable education. Emayani is working with The Hekima Cycle to help them access funds and technology to further their scope and reach.

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